3000w fiber laser cutting machine:Charry

3000w fiber laser cutting machine

3000w fiber laser cutting machine.

We just be back from Australian exhibition last week,with a great success,we took one 2000w IPG machine with cover,exchange table.And make a deal on exhibition site.

According to the talking with visitors,now the higher power is more and more popular.

Almost customers told me they need 2000w or 3000w or 4000w and 6000w power.

Even some customers only cut 1-2mm stainless steel,they prefer to choose higher power.Why need a higher power?

They said they need higher cutting speed to get more cutting pieces.

And they know it is a trend of higher power using,the cost is also going down than several years ago.

Why not have one higher power machine.

For example,in 2015,maybe one 1kw machine is around USD80000,now,a 3kw machine is around USD80000.

Of course,before purchasing,it is important to know machine well.

Firstly,for now,almost suppliers use the same main parts,like laser source: IPG or Raycus or nLIGHT.

Different price level,the three brands are stable,depends on different region customers choice.Some region prefer the made in German,some region prefer the cost-effective brand.

Secondly,laser head,in China,Raytools is the most popular,it is originally from Swiss,a long history company.

Or some customers want Precitec,also no problem.

Thirdly,software.Cypcut  is great,98% suppliers use this brand.If higher power,4000w,6000w,8000w,then Simens is suitable.

Except these main parts,the details will make customers interested.

For example,some thin metal clamping fixture,some material uploading rollers. Or cameras to monitor the inside cutting.Or wifi function,etc.

The details is to make the working more convenient.

So if you are looking for the fiber laser cutting machine,we can have a further discussion.

And we recommend to choose a higher power,for laser source suppliers,they also will get rid of the lower powers,like 500w,700w,etc.

Any questions,contact us.