2mm metal laser cutting machine – Jennifer

For the sheet metal laser cutter, many customer want to know the tips for choosing this. Today, we are going to share some points choosing this2mm metal laser cutting machine.

Metal Sheet Cutting Request Confirmation in 2mm metal laser cutting machine

Firstly, as we know that this sheet metal laser cutter can do the same work one time. So it has two functions to confirm. We need to confirm the metal sheet cutting request firstly. Then we can make sure the machine, is customer needed.

Secondly, for the metal sheet cutting cutting part, we need to confirm customer cutting metal type. Metal type has stainless steel carbon steel aluminium and so on. Even they are all metals, but their cutting ability is different. For example, 1000w can cut max 10mm carbon steel & 5mm stainless steel. But it can not cut the high reflective materials, such as aluminium, cooper, brass and so on with large quantity and long time. In this way, we need to specify each metal type customer’s cutting thickness. The max cutting thickness & the mini cutting thickness & the thickness cutting with large quantity & high percent. For example, if customer want to hold 1000w cutter, then we need to confirm the max & mini stainless steel cutting thickness. And we also need to confirm the thickness with large amounts in their daily cutting.  Because there is one principle – The machine is not allowed to cut the max cutting ability with large quantity & long time. Why we have to do this? Because it will cause the laser source damage & the cutting effects & cutting speed is not so good. Once we use the max cutting ability.

Thus, metal sheet cutting request confirmation is important in the metal sheet cutting request confirmation process. If the cutting request is unclear, so the machine we recommend customer is not the most applicable for customer. It will hurt the trust we established early.