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The advantage of fiber laser cutting machine

   The fiber laser cutting machine are more and more popular recently.There are following advantages.

1, Firstly,high precision cutting. laser cutting machine positioning accuracy of 0.05mm. Repeat positioning accuracy of 0.03 mm.

2, Secondly,laser cutting machine narrow kerf. focusing a laser beam into a small spot. The focal point to achieve high power density. The material quickly heated to vaporization degree was evaporated to form holes.

3, laser cutting machine smooth cutting surface. No burr cutting surface. Cut surface roughness of the general control within Ra6.5.

4, laser cutting machine speed. Cutting speeds up to 10m / min. Maximum positioning speed up to 30m / min is much faster than the speed of the cutting line.

5, Good quality laser cutting machine. Sag non-contact cutting, trimming heat has little effect. Basically no workpiece thermal deformation. Completely avoid material formed when punching. Slit generally does not require secondary processing.

6, Do not damage the workpiece: laser cutting head is not in contact with the surface of the material.It will ensure not scratch the workpiece.

7, The shape of the workpiece will affect it: laser processing flexible. And can process any graphics. It can cut pipes and other profiles.

8, laser cutting machine can cut a variety of materials processing: such as plastic, wood, PVC leather, textiles, glass and the like.

9, Saving investment mold: laser processing without mold. No mold consumption. Not repair of mold. Mold replacement saving time. Saving processing costs. Reduce production costs. Especially for machining large products.

10, Saving material: computer programming. It can cut in different shapes.Then maximize material utilization.

11, Increase the speed of the sample factory: After the formation of product drawings. It can carry out laser processing immediately.And get kind of new products in the shortest possible time.

12, Finally,Safety and environmental protection:laser processing waste, low noise, clean, safe, pollution-free, greatly improve the working environment.

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