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solutions of jewelry laser cutting machine

Hello all,in this email,we would like to share with you solutions of jewelry laser cutting machine,as we know in US,many many jewelers looking for affordable laser cutters,we have two proposals for based on your requirements,please kindly check as follow:

50w/60w marking machine with 100*100mm lens 1000w IPG with 600*600mm working area
  • Molde:XTL-FP50/60
  • Machine outlook:open type
  • 50w Raycus laser/60w JPT laser
  • Price start from $5200-$7200

It will mark more times and then cut it through.
Working video:

  • Model:XTC-FM6060
  • Machine Outlook:Enclosed type
  • Fiber Laser source:1kw /1.5kw IPG Germany Brand
  • Price start from $33800-$40000

It can cut it through by one time,more faster.

Here is comparison of two models:
Advantages Disadvantages
Fiber laser marking machine *Lower machine cost;
*Easy to learn and operation;
*Fast production time;
*Can do marking,engraving & cutting;
*No wearing parts;
*Support ring inside and outside marking;
*Cutting speed is slow;
*Max only can cut 1.2mm;
Fiber laser cutting machine *Fast cutting speed;
*Can cut up to 2.0mm jewelry plate;
*Machine cost is higher;
*Need about 4-5 weeks for production;
*Need our engineer to your factory for installation and training; (Online training during COVID-19)
*Has wearing parts on cutting head,such as protective lens and nozzle;
*The machine size is bigger;
*Not suitable for marking and engraving;

So how about the thickness you need to cut? and how about the quantity per day? My whatsappe/wechat :0086 17864184107,email:, any more questions,please feel free to contact us online.

Hopefully it is helpful to you.