Installation of Fiber laser Cutting machine-Ivy

Installation of Fiber laser Cutting machine

Hello,welcome to XTLASER. As you know,Due to COVID-19,engineers are not available go overseas for Installation of Fiber laser Cutting machine. So follow me to show you the simple installation steps one by one,hopefully it is helpful to you.

1. Open all the packages

2.There is shim plates,need put under the machine. take all the wires which on the machine down ,should be use level meter find the right level of the machine. And make sure all the machine is in the same level.

3.Install the wire support on the right side of machine,bellow it is the support ,it is on the right side of the machine.

4.There is too much wires on the machine,need straight them ,they are inside of black pipes ,you can see from picture,we put them together,it is not one wire and one wire.

5.Install the Y axis chain,put all the wires into the chain.

6.When you finish ,it is like this

7.Put all wires inside of the black pipe connect to the cabinet from the hole on back side of the cabinet.

8.Connect all wires from black pipe on the terminal of the machine ,there is label on wires,connect same label wires.
Install the laser source and cutting head(there is video about how to install ).