Manual cutting head adjustment method–Sven

During the use of the laser  machine, there may be a variety of reasons for the optical path shift, resulting in no light or the optical path is not correct. At this time, you need to adjust the focus point, which is the optical path adjustment.The cutting head adjustment is as follows:

The firstly:

ensure that the light beam from the laser tube can go through the center of the first mirror (the light spot must be complete).

The secondly:

When adjusting the second reflector, put a dimming block on the second reflector, move the beam to the closest position of the first frame, and click the spotlight, Put a mark on it.In order to prevent laser radiation from hurting you, please cover it with a non-metallic plate, test the approximate position of the light spot, and then adjust it. Gradually move the gantry to the farthest position from the first reflector frame, and press the spot. If the two marks do not coincide, adjust the copper screws on the first reflector to make the two laser spot shots coincide. (Debug until two points Completely coincident).T

The thirdly:

When adjusting the third mirror, put a dimming block on the third mirror (an object that can mark the mark), and move the cart (laser head) to a position close to the second mirror. , The same as the second step below) to make the low beam end and the high beam end completely coincide, and the light spot should be hit in the center of the light hole of the car (laser head), (the laser head cuts out the object in the middle of the machine, watch Verticality)

The forthly:

If the laser does not fall in the center of the light hole, such as the up and down deviation: raise or lower the laser tube. Inside and outside deviation:using the second reflector adjust in or out. If you adjust the position of the laser tube or the reflection frame , you need to do the second and third steps again

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