The difference between fiber laser and UV marking machine-June

The difference between fiber laser and UV marking machine

The difference between fiber laser and UV marking machine

At present, the laser marking machine models widely used in the market. It include fiber laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine and CO2 laser marking machine. These three types of models can cover almost all kinds of product marking packaging applications. It is also the current mainstream laser marking equipment.
Due to the application field, core components, and processing principles are different, the price of the model is also different. For example, the price of the UV laser marking machine is nearly three times that of the fiber laser marking machine. So below, beyond the laser Xiaobian, we will explain the difference between fiber optic and UV laser marking machines:

First, the laser and the principle


UV laser marking machine: developed by 355nm UV laser, 355 UV focusing spot is very small, can greatly reduce the mechanical deformation of the material and the processing heat impact is small
Fiber laser marking machine: 1064nm wavelength is used.

Regarding the laser wavelength, the shorter the general wavelength, the smaller the spot size of the laser, the higher the precision, the smaller the heat-affected zone formed during processing, and the more beautiful the processing effect.
Also, the UV laser marking machine is processed by chemical processing methods, mainly photochemical reactions. The difference between these two different processing methods is that the laser physics processing method is mainly processing on the surface of products and materials, and the laser chemistry processing method can use laser to penetrate into the inside of the product material for processing.

Second, the advantages of UV laser marking machine compared to fiber laser marking machine:

In terms of wavelength, the wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is shorter than the wavelength of visible light. Therefore the naked eye is invisible. Although you can’t see these laser beams, it’s these that allow the UV laser to focus more accurately and maintain excellent positioning accuracy.

The UV laser marking machine exhibits a high absorption rate when applied to resin and copper

And also has an appropriate absorption rate when processing glass. The variability of this material makes UV lasers the best choice for a variety of PCB materials in many industrial applications.

Third, the application area:

Fiber laser marking machine: high cost performance, basically suitable for laser marking of all kinds of metal surfaces. Due to the heat generated by its beam, it is not suitable for high-precision special material marking.
Ultraviolet laser marking machine: It is especially suitable for the high-end market of fine processing. The surface of materials is marking with fine effect, the marking is clean, better than ink coding and no pollution. flexible pcb Plate marking, dicing; silicon wafer micro-hole, blind hole processing. Among them, 80% of the data lines on the market, the adapter marking is from the UV laser marking.