Fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for kitchen processing-June

Fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for kitchen processing

Fiber laser cutting machine is the best choice for kitchen processing.


The most widely used commercial kitchen utensils should be metal materials, and laser processing technology is the most suitable.

First of all, many kitchen utensils require exquisite workmanship, and it is suitable to use fiber laser cutting machine.
Secondly, some laser cutting equipment, such as fiber laser cutting machine series. Providing a good choice for the majority of kitchen manufacturers.
Thirdly, in the kitchen processing industry, the range hoods and burning appliances and other products use a large number of sheet metal panels, using traditional processing methods, large mold consumption, low work efficiency, high cost; product replacement, technical improvement and innovation are also limited .
Finally, in today’s technological innovation, industrial restructuring, and unprecedented market competition, who can take the lead in finding breakthroughs and realizing the upgrading of production processes, including equipment, has long-term significance for kitchen processing enterprises.
Xintian Laser’s products are exquisite mechanical design, superior optical path system and powerful control system, making it the ideal choice for the kitchen processing industry.

Advantages of fiber laser cutting machine:

The fiber laser cutting machine has the characteristics of good beam quality, high precision,  smooth cutting surface and safe operation.

Moreover, it can complete the sheet metal blanking of any shape of material in a fast and good manner. Which reduces the number of skilled workers, eliminates the rising pressure of artificial costs, and greatly improves work efficiency.

In addition, it can save tens of thousands of foreign processing fees per month.

The investment cost of fiber laser cutting machines can be recovered in less than one year.

The use of fiber laser cutting machine can not only solve the above problems.

But also can realize the processing samples on the panel conveniently and quickly, reduce the cost of new product development.

And shorten the development cycle of new products. At the same time, the laser processing equipment cuts the material with extremely high precision. For some shaped products, fiber laser cutting machines have a strong advantage.