How can the laser cutting machine cut the best effect?-June

How can the laser cutting machine cut the best effect?

1. First, the cooling system should be grounded, often cleaning the water tank and waterway. How can the laser cutting machine cut the best effect?
In addition, the temperature control point of the refrigeration temperature control water tank should be correct.

What’s more,  it will damage the laser tube easily and the dew condensation power will drop, the cold head of the tube will fall off.

Finally, the service life is greatly short, and sometimes it will not work, resulting in constant tube change.

2.  should always check the cleaning water protection. Cooling water can not be washed out of the water protection float switch or water protection float switch is not reset, can not use short-circuit method to solve the urgent need.

3. The laser tube installation fulcrum of the laser cutting machine should be reasonable. And the fulcrum should be at 1/4 of the total length of the laser tube. If this is not the case, the laser tube spot pattern will be deteriorated.
In addition, some work has become a few spots for a period of time, causing the laser power to drop to meet the requirements, resulting in constant replacement.


4. Focusing mirror and mirror inspection, work for a while, the frame will have a fever.
Replacing all objects of debonding and cracking.

In particular, many customers use atmospheric pumps and air compressors, so that  it can help accumulate water quickly on the focusing lens.

So it is necessary to check the cleaning and quality of the lens optical path system on time.

5.  We should   clean and check the suction device ed on time, clean the fan duct.

Otherwise, a=it can not  discharge a lot of smoke and dust .

6. The power should matched rightly.

7. The working environment of the laser cutting machine can not be too bad, if the ambient temperature is higher than 30 degrees, below 18 degrees, too much dust, air pollution is severe.
Finally,  it will damage the machine, and the failure rate is constantly rising.  The last but not list,In the humid environment, the electrical accessories are easily problematic.