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Preparation before installation of laser cutting machine

This article is about preparation before installation of laser cutting machine. Recently, my orders was shipped to worldwide. As the cargo is getting closer to my customers,there are some customers to ask me what they should do after clear the custom.

First,  Do not open the package before the engineer come. When our engineer get to your place, he will open it with you. The reason is he is know which parts of machine is easy to break. And he is very familiar with our package. Our engineer have the full experience about open package. So when you guys open the package, listen to him, and follow his order to open it.

Second, What you need to prepare before the engineer coming? At least, you need to prepare 2-3 bottles Nitrogen and  1-2 bottles of Oxygen. Each bottle of gas should over 40L. Because our technician will use the gas to cut the sample, and base on the effect of samples set up the parameter of the machine.

Third, Although we do have a copy of our parameter which save in the computer already. However, according to the customers from everywhere, the metal they want to cut is different. And the purity is different. So we need test the effect of  parameter we set in our factory.  And base on it, we adjust to the most suitable parameter to fit your cutting requirement.

Fourth,Alcohol and purified water. We need the alcohol to wipe the protective lens to clear. And also need purified water or distilled water to use for water chiller. The water cooling system is require high purity water. If the purity doesn’t reach to the requirement, It may cause the water chiller break.

Fifth, to prepare the lubricating oil. You know we have the lubricating oil system, to make sure the guide rail,rack and pinion ,etc. Need some with good brand and quality.

Sixth, If you could, please preparing some tools for our engineer.

This is what I thought so far. Welcome to left what you think in the comments.

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