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How to maintain laser marking machine

Fiber laser marking machine, small size, no wearing part, free maintenance, high speed and high precision etc.. So it seems it is a perfect machine. But no, there are still some thing we need to notice. Today we will tell you how to maintain laser marking machine by yourself.

One thing-Take care of your optics!

All the optics present in the laser must be absolutely clean to ensure that your equipment operates correctly with no risk of impaired engraving quality.

  1. For reasons of safety, always disconnect the power cord from the mains socket before any maintenance operation.
  2. Visually inspect all the optics: mirrors, beam window and focal lens. All the optics in XT laser solutions are easily accessible. Also requiring no disassembly.
  3. In order to preserve the optical coatings applied to the lenses and mirrors. Pls use the optics paper and the cleaning solution supplied with the laser machine. And do not use alcohol.
  4. Never touch an optic with your fingers as the acids from your skin. Because it  can destroy the coatings on the optics.

Always bear in mind that a clean machine gives better results. In fact the accumulation of debris, dust and other fumes on the machine components, in particular on the optics, can cause uneven or inaccurate engraving. Like loss of the engraving position, reduced laser power and premature component breakdown.

Maintenance is a very short task. Because you only need to clean the lens protection glass. This replaceable glass protects your focal lens, preventing all risk of damage. You must always to clean focal lens and inspected it at regular intervals:

  1. Before any maintenance operation, disconnect the power plug. Please shut down the machine with the key at position 0.
  2. Use a suitable optics paper moistened with an acetone based cleaner.
  3. Avoid the use of alcohol, to preserve the optical coatings present on the lenses and mirrors.
  4. You don’t need to remove the focal lens for cleaning.

How often cleaning the optics?

The frequency of maintenance must be adapted to the material, the quantity of material and the performance of your exhaust system’s blower. This check must be carried out at more frequent intervals if your working environment is difficult or highly polluted.
Time: we recommend that you inspect your optics at least once a week. But you need to  carry out more frequently in harsh or intensive environments. Or where an upward-directed laser beam has been integrated.


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