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What is the laser cutting process?

The laser cutting  process is one of many processes that have noticed a much more widespread use over recent years.

Many of the laser-based processes have similar benefits and applications.

And as one laser machine can perform multiple processes, it can be hard knowing exactly which one could be right for your business.

The process works by having a focused and precise laser beam run through the material that you are looking to cut, delivering an accurate and smooth finish.

Initially, the beam pierces the material with a hole at the edge, and then the beam is continued along from there.

The laser essentially melts the material away that it is run over, so is more like melting than cutting.

This means that it can easily cut light materials such as cloth up to tougher metals and gemstones such as diamonds.

You can use either a pulsed bam or a continuous wave beam, with the former being delivered in short bursts while the latter works continuously.

You can control the beam intensity, length and heat output depending on the material you are working with, and can also user a mirror or special lens to further focus the laser beam.

Laser cutting is a highly accurate process, thanks to this high level of control that you are offered.

Thanks to this, slits with a width as small as 0.1mm can be achieved when using the process.


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