Product fiber laser marking machine is one of the most useful and exciting applications of laser.

Along with other benefits, it has made engraving possible on rough and uneven surfaces and on different shapes.

In this article we are going to find out how to process round objects with 20w fiber laser marking machine.

Therefore,we call the device necessary for processing circled parts  rotary fixture.

Then this is an attachment for a fiber laser marking system .

Because it makes it possible to engrave round, conical or cylindrical objects.

How Is It Possible?

The marking head of any modern fiber laser engraver moves in X and Y directions, providing the automated work of the device. With the rotary fixture installed, the head is not moving in Y direction.

Instead, the part itself is rotating with the speed matching the speed of fiber laser marking.

How To Engrave a Bottle

Task: As an example we are engraving a stainless steel bottle with our traditional sample phrase “Hello world”.

The 20w laser engraver is a perfect option for etching stainless steel.

Follow the steps below to cut your cup, bottle or other rounded objects with this fiber marking machine.

There’s no need to worry about the integrity of the material you are working with.

Because XT 20W machine produces a precise, concentrated, and accurately targeted heat.

It doesn’t ruin the structure of the material.

Because the 20W fiber marking system is driven completely by software.

It allows users to mark an endless number of characters.

And it gets even better: The 20W laser produces very sharp vector graphics.

The quality is equally high for images, codes, logos, text, and so on.