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20w Co2 laser marking machine for leather

The same as fiber laser marking machine, the co2 laser marking machine is also popular among the market.

Although it is mainly used for non-metal marking, such as leather plastic and wood etc.

Therefore, this passage will give some introduction to the co2 laser marker.

1.Introduction of co2 laser marking machine

CO2 RF laser marking machine use efficient CO2 RF metal laser tube and high-speed scan galvanometer system.

Besides, it is equipped with good-quality optical components, stable laser source and full auto-controlling system.

Therefore, all of these guarantee marking precise and performance quite stable.

Whats more, machine can work for long time continuously.

Co2 laser marking machine is also able to apply to mass producing line directly.

co2 laser marking machine

2.Equipment Features of co2 laser marking machine

First of all, co2 laser marking machine is General machine,which  adopted back focalization.

However,its laser power is controlled by the software and serially adjustable.

On the one hand,it is applicable to fine marking on nonmetal materials with high requirements.

Secondly, it adopts  CO2 RF laser tube which has excellent performance and long life.

Thirdly, it adopts  high-speed galvanometer system with high speed, high precision and stable performance.

Fourthly, it adopts to imported optics lens, low loss, excellent focalization performance.

Fifthly,the marking software is mightiness .

Under WINDOWS interface,it is compatible with CORELDRAW, AUTOCAD, PHOTOSHOP etc.

And it supports  PLT, AI, DXF, BMP and other documents, directly using SHX, TTF font.

Besides,Support automated coding, serial number, batch number, date, bar code and two-dimensional code marking.

co2 laser marking sample

3.Specification of co2 laser marking machine

Model XTL-CS10
laser wavelength 10.6UM
laser power 10W
using life 20K hours
mark linewidth 0.15mm
marking field 50*50*,70*70,100*100,140*140mm
marking speed  ≤7000mm/s
minimum character  0.4mm
repeating orientation precision  +0.01mm
average power consumption  ≤0.6KM
power supply  220V/50HZ 10A
 humidity of the environment  5% to 75%(no condensation )
working environment smoothly in a clean environment without vibrating or dirt in the air
cooling style air cooling