Black and White QR code mark on Stainless Steel-Sophia

Black and White QR code mark on Stainless Steel

QR code is a type of matrix bar code, first designed for the automotive industry in Japan.

Then initially invent the QR code system to track vehicles during manufacture.

Today, in a much broader context for commercial and convenience purposes aimed at mobile-phone users use QR codes.

The challenge is to mark the QR codes in a short amount of time and to be readable using a smartphone or bar code reader.

So in this application create a series of 10 mm marks: a black, white and combined mark.

In this application, surface oxidation create the black mark.

Then the challenge is to heat the surface without any signs of melting.

Within the mark area, the heating should be uniform to gain a good quality mark and controlling the laser and scanner parameters  can achieve this.

Then difficulty in producing a white mark is to achieve an even finish, viewable from different angles.

Using high scan speeds combined with low pulse energy achieve the best results, which gives a uniform mark.

In two passes, in 4 seconds, produce the white mark.

The black and white mark are readable on their own, but the contrast improves when people use them together which makes the bar codes easier to read.

The surface finish particularly affect bar code readability.

Mirror finish material can have a large variation in reflected light as the viewing angle changes, which can make the bar code difficult to read at certain angles, whilst brushed material is more uniform.

Adding both black and white marks to the positive and negative of a bar code helps to increase the reflected light to the bar code scanner with a wider range of viewing angles.


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