In the food industry: the application of laser marking machines-Ethan

Nowadays,we need use fiber laser marking machines in food industry.

1.Why food packaging need fiber laser marking machines

Food packaging is the most demanding industry and relates to people’s daily lives. So it has always been highly concerned.

Our living standards improve quickly, and people’s spending power continues to grow, the requirements for packaging are constantly strengthening.

In fact, food packaging has a negligible effect on the sales of food. After all, everyone likes beautiful things and easy to use.

In the food industry, packaging is always an important aspect, especially food safety. But while paying attention to food safety and the beautiful appearance, people often overlook many details. Such as ignoring people’s feelings when opening food packaging. Like the most commonly sealed packaging, there are often problems. And sometimes even some minor injuries, such as:

When the peanut or salad dressing is opened, the contents are easily spilled. Especially in packages that are too tightly sealed or unreasonably designed.

2.Why to choose fiber laser marking machines

The current advanced laser machines give us a solution . The laser system can select a single film layer in the flexible package.

We can use laser marking machines to achiecve

In this way, the perfect packaging’s tearing effect achieved, and the film integrity will maintain, so that the outer film is intact and intact, and  we can effectively prevent problems such as seeing light and moisture in the package.

Secondly, today’s advanced laser marking machine system is completely capable. For example, many current snack packaging uses a design style,lined according to the outline of the printed pattern on the package. It is the advantage of the laser marking system.

Also, when the packaging belt needs to have holes, the laser system can punch and ventilate the packaging. It can increase the shelf life in the package through punching, or cater to the product through the microwave oven. The pressure on the food package after heating. Now, the laser perforation line are able to achieve the effect of tearing the entire package along the dotted line. Unlike mechanical tools such as spiral knives or presses, laser work requires no direct contact, and minimal wear and cutting provide the best possible processing.