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Laser cutting machine repair tips

With the continuous development of the times, China’s laser cutting machine industry is also constantly developing, so many customers using laser cutting machines widely. And laser cutting machines using in various industries widely.
Cutting machine repair
1. The most easy to wear on the general laser cutting machine is the laser cutting head. As long as it is use for a long time, it will be very worn, so it needs to replace in time.

2. When you use the laser cutting machine, you must check and repair it regularly. Generally, check it every six months. The main reason is to look at the straightness of the laser cutting machine track and the verticality of the machine, which will directly affect the cutting. The effect, so you must not neglect the inspection of the laser cutting machine.

3. Moreover, the laser cutting machine must well protect against dust, which makes the fan generate a lot of noise. And is not conducive to exhaust and deodorization. Because there is dust inside the laser cutting machine. It will also affect the cutting effect. So The work efficiency is greatly reduce; therefore, it is best for the staff to perform dust removal every week. Generally, the tool used for dust removal is a vacuum cleaner, because it can remove the dust and dirt inside the laser cutter very clean.

4. For the inspection of the steel strip of the laser cutting machine, it is a daily work task, so the steel strip of the laser cutting machine is frequently check to prevent injury to people. If the steel strip is not tighten, it will hurt when running. To people, so the staff must  strictly monitor.
5. Fastening of screws and couplings

After the motion system is working for a period of time, the screws and couplings at the joint of the movement will be loose, which will affect the smoothness of the mechanical movement. Therefore, it is necessary to observe whether the transmission parts have abnormal noise or abnormality during the operation of the machine, and the problem should be timely. Rugged and maintenance. At the same time, the machine should use a tool to tighten the screws one by one. The first time it should be sturdy about a month after the device is used.

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