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Sheet metal cutting machines

Sheet metal cutting machines mainly use in the processing of sheet metal parts and medium and heavy plate products. Its advantages are wide application range and high processing precision. Metals and non-metals of different materials and thicknesses can be processed, especially in curve processing and There is a big advantage in the processing of small batch shaped parts.

Cause Analysis

1. First,since the laser cutting machine become a newly purchase equipment, in order to process high quality products, it is necessary to  familiar with the adjustment of relevant parameters, and also have a deep understanding of machine tool performance and rich operational experience.

2. Then,the main reasons affecting the cutting burr are: 1) improper setting of the laser focus point; 2) improper adjustment of the laser power; 3) improper adjustment of the cutting speed; 4) improper adjustment of the gas pressure.

3. Then,in the manual, the cutting gas used for cutting different materials is different. High-purity oxygen use for carbon steel cutting, and high-purity nitrogen use for cutting non-ferrous metals and stainless steel.

4. Then,the laser cutting machine is a precision equipment, which has certain requirements for dust and vibration of the site environment. Since the current laser cutting machine install in the center of the stamping center, it is close to the blanking area and the riveting work area. The dust in the blanking area and the soot during the welding work are more serious, and the vibration of the shearing machine is also better. Large, will have a certain impact on the processing precision of laser cutting machine.

5. Last,the dimensional accuracy of processing depends on the motion precision of the laser cutting head itself on the one hand, and the size error of the slit by selecting the corresponding compensation amount on the other hand.

The main reasons affecting the quality of laser cutting are:

(1) Then,the adjustment of cutting parameters is unreasonable; (2) Improper selection of material cutting gas; (3) The compensation amount corresponding to laser slitting is improperly selected.

Then, the main reasons affecting the efficiency of cutting production are: (1) sheet length error; (2) the choice of the best cutting path.

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