2000w fiber laser CNC cutting machine:Charry

2000w fiber laser CNC cutting machine 

2000w fiber laser CNC cutting machine.

Fiber lasers are gradually replacing the traditional laser in the laser marking.
Firstly.Application of Optical Fiber Laser Marking Machine in Industry

Industrial production requires high reliability, small size, quiet, easy to operate.Fiber lasers with its compact layout, light conversion obeys high.And warm-up time is short, subject to the impact of small factors.

And maintenance-free and easily with optical fiber or optical lens composition of light-emitting system coupling.

China as the world’s largest industrial manufacturing country, the demand for fiber laser marking machine is very large.

It is about more than 2,000 per year demand. In the laser welding and cutting areas, with the kilowatt or even tens of thousands of watts of fiber lasers developed success, fiber lasers have also been applied.

The applications of fiber laser cutting machine

Secondly.Application of Fiber Laser in Sensing

Comparing to other light sources, fiber lasers is as sensing sources for many advantages. First of all, fiber lasers with high utilization, good stability, compact and compact, light weight, easy maintenance.

And good quality beam and other excellent performance.

Second, the fiber laser can connect with the fiber, with the existing fiber optic devices are fully compatible, can do all-fiber test.

Thirdly.Application of Fiber Laser in Communication

Comparing with other types of lasers, fiber lasers have obvious advantages in layout compactness, heat dissipation, beam quality, volume and compatibility with existing systems, and are popular in communication field.

Fourthly.Application of Fiber Laser in Medical

Nowadays, most of the lasers used for clinical use are argon lasers, carbon dioxide lasers and YAG lasers.

But usually they have poor beam quality, have a very large volume, require a large water-cooled system, and is easy to place and maintain. Is a fiber laser can be added.

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