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 fiber laser cutting machine adaptability

Fiber laser cutting machine adaptability is high in metal cutting.

Firstly, fiber laser cutting system laser beam quality and cutting quality are very high.

And the diameter of laser beam become small after focused.

So the power density is very high.

CNC fiber laser cutter has excellent cutting speed in cutting sheet metal.

Secondly, laser coming through optical fiber make the structure of CNC laser cutting machine very simple.

But laser cutting machine dynamic performance  in a better way, fiber laser cutting machine adaptability is good.

It is very easy to integrate fiber laser cutting machine with other robots or multi table.

Also in this way make it an powerful three dimensional cutting capacity.

Thirdly, fiber  laser cutting machine has high stability.

XTLASER use the world’s top imported fiber laser device, in high performance.

Important parts can be used over 100000 hours.

What’s more, fiber laser cutter even after thousands of vibration frequency use, laser device optical system still remain stable as the same.

Fast and precision solution–Fiber laser metal cutter :
Fiber laser cutting system. it adopt the IPG/Coherent Fiber laser generator, and transmited by fiber cable, no need reflecting mirrors. Low maintenance machine. The lifetime of fiber laser is 100,000 working hours;
Fiber laser very suits for fast speed and precision cutting on stainless steel and mild steel, the cutting speed is much faster than YAG laser.
500W power could cut max. 6mm mild steel and 3mm stainless steel, while 1000W Fiber laser could cutting max.10mm mild steel and 6mm stainless steel with good quality, and 2000W power could be cut max. 16mm mild steel and 8mm stainless steel.
But the first investment of Fiber laser will be a little higher.

XTLASER  fiber laser cutter is an economical CNC fiber laser cutting system.

It is an fine definition CNC laser cutting machine.

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