12.Instructions of using fiber laser cutting machine-Ella

Instructions of using fiber laser cutting machine

Installation environment requirement, method and matters need attention.

(laser cutting machine using instruction)

a) Ground requirements(laser cutting machine using instruction)

1)The ground where install the equipment should be flat.

The laser bed and the working area height difference should not exceed 10 mm.

Place where is not flat must be leveled by the adjustment mat iron.
2)lathe bed and table leg of the entire installation surface thickness of concrete is not less than 200 mm,

crushing strength shall not be less than 30N/mm2 , load is greater than 30KN/m2.
3) The entire installation surface of the fuselage consists of a smooth continuous slab

within the scope of every supporting points .

New floor/pressure plate must avoid this case such as the weather is dry ,

the floor/pressure appears cracks beyond the following values.

Do not allow the changes (caused by machine’s tilt )make travel range of laser beam on the lens more than 0.5 mm.

b)Environmental requirements(laser cutting machine using instruction)

1) environment temperature
When operating machine, environment temperature must between + 10 ℃ and + 33 ℃.

In machine shutdown, the ambient temperature of installation site shall not be reduced to + 4 ℃ below.

Tip: to avoid hot deformation(because of the sun shining and the side blow wind only on one side),

for example, when installing near the window position can be fitted with shutters to avoid these situations.

2) outside air
In order to not affect emission quality, so much, must ensure that

installation location hasn’t been able to absorption wavelength of laser is 1.06 μm ray particles or material.

Such as paint sends out a steam containing solvents, or steam from oil removal device.
3) Laser resistant device
When environment temperature is 35 ℃ to 43 ℃,

equipment must assemble laser resistant device (such as air conditioning, etc.)
4)Control system’s cooling
Control system’s cooling depends on the closed control system internal air circulation within the enclosure.

Thus ensure the parts maximize not contaminated with dust and dirt.

Wet room is not suitable for control system running, especially contactor and relay contact will corrosion,

resulting in control system failure.
c)Vibration requirement:
Due to a change in the load of the equipment surrounding area caused by the external function

will effect the work piece cutting quality. For example:
a) Forklift, land transport, etc
b) Directly beside the equipment install or remove other machines.
c) Operation machines which will caused vibration, such as punching machine,

bending machine, shearing machine, etc.

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