10 questions for fiber laser marking machine: Charry

10 questions for fiber laser marking machine

10 questions for fiber laser marking machine

Yesterday,one of my Canadian agent ask about 10 questions for the fiber laser marking machine,before the further cooperation,you need also know about it.

Pls regarding as below:

Firstly,The machine name:

Actually,in China,each company has their own name for the fiber laser marking machine,just a name,do not worry about that.
Following with our machine picture:

10 questions for fiber laser marking machine

Just from the machine picture,it shows there with 3 big differences on the machine.

Firstly,our machine has the outside red light.

Secondly,that can help you to find the focus easily.

Thirdly,we have the light,we have the 2D worktable,customers can use it to adjust the small position.

So all the factors will help your customers with a better using feeling,then you can sell more machines.

Even every nails and screws,we use the best in China,we do not use the lower level to cheat partners.

Following with one of my Germany customers words to our machine:

10 questions for fiber laser marking machine

Secondly,Will you include free of charge the rotary option (valued to $200 USD) with the order?

Yes,thats no problem,most customers also need the rotary device.our rotary device is USD200.

Thirdly,Please price the unit along with all the accessories that comes with it.

For the fiber laser marking machine,there is no any spare parts to change,just with electric power consumption,thats also why more and more customers bought it.

Fourthly,Confirm shipping prices (air and sea) along with days to arrive to my Canadian address

By DHL door to door,most customers choose this way,that will send to your factory directly within 5days.

By sea shipping,it need about 20days or 30 days,a longer time.But customers told us,when in the destination sea port,they still need to pay some fees.

Of course,both the way,the importing tax is the same.

Fifthly,What is the warranty provided and what does it cover

We provide you 5 years warranty.(others just 1 or 2 years),5 years warranty will help you to get a better customers market.

In the warranty period,if it breaks down or some parts damaged (Except the human factors and the factors of force majeure), the seller should be responsible for repair for free, the parts need to be replaced will be provided from seller for free(Except the quick-wear part or Consumables).

Sixthly, Can you provide a guide,  chart or table of heights of platform and laser power based on the material and thickness?

Yes,of course,we have the table of different materials marking parameters.

We will send the documents to you together with the machine.

Seventhly,Provide the software for operation as well as the instruction manual in English

Yes,of course,and i have shown to you the demo software and the users manual,and operation video,maybe there are too many emails,so that you forgot it.

Eighthly,Please provide a quote for 1 unit, 5 units and 10 units

For agent price,we would like to share with you of different quantities,waiting for your contacting.

Ninthly,.Do you have customers in Canada? Have you shipped to Canada before?

Yes,of course,i just got one Canadian customers third order for the marking machine.

And the voltage is 110V,special for Canadian and American customers.Do not worry about the power supply.

Tenthly.Please advise if we can do escrow payment

We can make a deal on Alibaba trade assurance,that guarantee customers benefits,many customers prefer to choose this payment way.

Finally,for CSA certification,i know it from our customers,but they do not ask us for this certification.it is necessary?if it is,we would like to help you,but we need to consider your company power in this marking machine field.

For your visiting,when you make sure your schedule,just tell us,so we will arrange other things for you.

More details,just contact us:

Email: xintian111@xtlaser.pl